Compact With Texas

The Texas Commission on Jail Standards is the regulatory agency for all county jails and privately operated municipal jails in the state. Our mission is to assist local governments in providing safe, secure and suitable local jail facilities through our provision of the following services.

  • The establishment of reasonable minimum standards for the construction and operation of jails;
  • The monitoring and enforcement of compliance with adopted standards through on-site inspections;
  • Review and comment on all jail construction documents;
  • The provision of consultation, training and technical assistance on efficient, effective and economical means of jail construction and management to include:
    1. staffing and facility needs analyses
    2. management and construction technical assistance bulletins
    3. on-site consultations
    4. jail population projections and trend reports
    5. regional training

The Commission maintains a user-friendly structure. Staff strive to provide prompt, courteous and responsive assistance to all requests received by the Commission, which entails responding to requests for services on an as-needed basis, typically upon request. Consumers, whether governmental officials or private citizens, are afforded the same level of service. If the staff member initially contacted is unable to provide the assistance requested, the request shall be referred to the appropriate person.

Complaints against the Commission should also be directed to the above address, to the attention of the Deputy Director. The Deputy Director is responsible for all complaints filed against the Commission and staff with the exception of those filed against the Executive Director or the Commission members, which shall be forwarded to the Commission Chairperson. The complainant shall be notified in writing of the final disposition and shall receive quarterly written updates until final disposition. Complaints against the facilities regulated by the Commission are reviewed upon receipt. Complainants are advised in writing as to initial action taken within 30 days of receipt of the complaint. Complainants are further advised of the final disposition of the allegation upon closure. All inspection reports, plan reviews, and bills for services issued by the Commission provide instructions for directing complaints to the Commission regarding Commission functions and procedures.

All Commission meetings are posted and allow for public comment. A staff person shall be assigned to assist non-English speaking individuals with disabilities requiring assistance in accessing the Commission programs.